Skin Rejuvenation

Effortless way to achieve great looking skin

Effortless way to achieve great looking skin with scientific intense pulse light technology

As we grow older the collagen within our skin begins to break down and decrease resulting in loss of volume, elasticity and undefined facial contours. Facial rejuvenation through using IPL provides an anti ageing approach to combat the signs of ageing and keep the skin looking younger and fresher for longer. IPL is a non invasive facial treatment that encourages collagen regeneration, improve pores, sun damaged, pigmentated skins and aid in reducing enlarged pores and fine line and wrinkles.

An in-depth consultation with your photo rejuvenation specialist will be carried out before a treatment programme can proceed to assess your personal needs followed with a patch test to determine skin response.

How many treatments are needed?

The most efficient treatments are on light skin tones that are not tanned at the time of the treatment as this aids a greater contrast to eliminate superficial skin imperfections on the skin, making treatment easier. Recommended treatments of 4-6 sessions may be required to obtain the desired result; however this does depend on many factors depending on age, lifestyle, medication and area required to be treated/ covered along with skin sensitivity. It is not possible to define how many treatments an individual will require.

What does a treatment involve?

For IPL photo rejuvenation the sapphire chilled hand piece is gently applied to the skin and pulses of intense light is applied to the treatment area. At the time of treatments you may notice that the skin will appear unclean for a few days following the skin rejuvenation. Within a few days the skin will look fresher and smoother. It is important to avoid tanning of the skin by solarium, sun or self tanning before and during photo rejuivenation sessions as tanned skins will absorb more light making the treatment less effective. We also advise that post treatment an SPF sunscreen is used to the treated area(s) to limit sun exposure for a few weeks.