Permanent Makeup

Micro Pigmentation Semi-Permanent Makeup and Advanced Laser Treatments


In recent years, the development of micro-pigmentation has grown tremendously and has become a preferred treatment in the aesthetics and medical aesthetics industry worldwide. Professional practicing the art include make-up artists, beauty therapists, hairdressers, tattoo artists, medical professionals as well as creative people with art skills.

Micro-pigmentation procedures require precision, skill and concentration and after a number of procedures the initial hurdles are overcome and confidence gained. As with any procedures, familiarity comes with practice and repetition.

Micro-pigmentation also referred to as:
Semi-permanent make-up
Permanent make-up
Permanent cosmetics
Intradermal cosmetics
Cosmetic tattooing


If you want your brows to be fuller-looking, enhance their shape, or perhaps you’ve lost your brows, then micro-pigmentation is for you.
Paying close attention to your colouring and face shape, your new eyebrows will be created through the simulation of natural brow hairs.


Micro-pigmentation for eyes can create a defined liner or a subtle enhancement that won’t smear, streak or run.
You can opt to enhance either your upper or lower lids, or both in a variety of shades, with black being the most popular colour. No more tricky applications, just precision eyeliner that accentuates your eyes.


Enhance your mouth by amping up the colour of your lips and defining your lip shape and cupids bow.
No more lipstick re-application after eating and kissing – your lips will always stay beautiful whatever the situation.

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